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2021 SENIORS - Mixed, Mens, Womens

Season 1 - (Feb-Apr)
Season 2 - (May-Jul) Registrations Open
Season 3 - (Aug
Dates are approximate - Seasons are 12 Round games plus Finals. Please see Season Structure below.





We avoid time clashes and schedule back to back games wherever possible, however, there will be some weeks where you will have time slots in between games.

You may also need to change venues between Labrador and Parkwood Sharks (2.7km away).

This is unavoidable due to the 80+ players in 2 teams and the complexity of our draw.

We appreciate your understanding and consideration of the above before registering for more than one team.

Players in 3+ teams on the same night is not permitted as time clashes cannot be avoided for 3 teams.



Please email labrador@oztag.com to check for availability in teams before registering as an individual in Seniors 



Please read before registeringclick here






Don't know your log in?

There is a password reset feature underneath where you would normally log in.

Enter just your email address and hit 'send'. If you don't receive an email you need to email us at labrador@oztag.com to have your email address in the system updated. 

Please DO NOT attempt to create a 2nd profile as it will not carry over your annual membership payment



Team Delegates - please add yourself to this Facebook group, we ask questions, post reminders/notices etc which you will need to pass on to your team click here 





To register a team in our Seniors Comp, a player needs to sign up online, create the team name and pay their $100 player registration fees at least 1 week prior to Round 1 to be included in the Round 1 draw. Registrations after this date will miss Round 1 and start the following week. Team registration is usually done by the Team Delegate but can be done by any player in the team. Please be aware if you do not enter payment details and hit the 'FINISH' button the system does not save anything. 

The first registration fee of $100 is NON REFUNDABLE. If your team does not continue in the competition this initial $100 will be withheld for Referee and Administration Expenses. You will need to collect $10 off each of your team mates for the 1 game they played to reimburse yourself in your own time. We will provide you with a letter explaining this to assist.

Player payments are due online via the below links BEFORE the game on Round 2. This means Referee's will use their online scoring system to check and only allow those players that have registered and paid to take the field from Round 2.

Minimum team payment is due Round 3. Minimum team payment is 11 players or the equivalent $1100 paid. (Additional players do still need to register & pay their $100 rego fees). Teams that have not met this minimum payment by the end of the night on Round 3, will unfortunately not appear in the draw until paid. 



Team Delegates - please add yourself to this Facebook group, we ask questions, post reminders/notices etc which you will need to pass on to your team click here




Season 2 - 2021 Competition Details 


Venue: Home fields - Cos Zantiotis Playing Fields, Jacob Drive, Labrador (just behind Hungry Jacks off Brisbane Road). Overflow games to Parkwood Sharks, 180 Musgrave Ave (just 2.7km away)


Nights: Mixed Monday Nights / Men's & Women's Wednesday Nights 


First Game: Mixed Mon 31 May 2021 and Mens + Womens Wed 02 Jun 2021


Game Times: 6:00pm, 6:50pm, 7:40pm and 8.30pm. 


Season Length: 12 games over 11 weeks PLUS 2 weeks of finals  


Cost: $100 per player in a team of 11 or more
***Teams with less than 11 players need to pay the equivalent of 11 players***   

 # of players in your team You pay
 11 - 16 players  $ 100
 10 players  $ 110
 9 players  $ 122
 8 players  $ 138


Note Queensland Oztag 12 Month Membership fee: 

This fee helps fund the overall development of our game, Referee training, our free school clinic programs we run for Primary and Secondary Schools, and upcoming Player/Coach Academies. 

This is a 12 months fee and not per season and not per venue played at. The fee is not based on the calendar year, it covers 12 months from the date of payment.

Note Junior:

A Junior is classed as a player that turns 15 or younger at the end of the calendar year.

See 'Fees & Surcharges' tab for more information



Sign On: Teams should be registered as soon as possible but no later than 1 week prior to Round 1 so we can complete the draw. The first registration creates  your team name when signing up online. See the top of this webpage for more info.  You MUST complete the process in full for the system to save anything.


Location: Cos Zantiotis Playing Fields, Jacob Dr, Labrador 


Nomination: 8 players on the field at once, we advise you have 11 players in your team, the maximum is 16. We have individual players registered looking for teams so let us know if you'd like to add players to your team.  


Mixed teams: Mixed teams must not have more than 4 males on the field at one time. To encourage female players tries scored by a female are worth 2 points rather than 1. 


Team Requirements 

**After Round 1, only paid players will be permitted to take the field (Referee's check this using their online scoring system)

**Full team payment required by Round 3 for the team to stay in the draw

**Teams with less than 11 players need to pay the equivalent of 11 players**

**All teams are to organise their own shirts, all shirts must match and have a number on the back, this is required by Round 3. We can arrange team shirts for you starting from only $13 each, please click here to view all options and prices or ask for more details.

**After Round 3, every player without a team shirt will incur a deduction of 1 point to a maximum of 5 points.

**You can pay by Visa or MasterCard Online or Cash at the fields. 

**All players must be wearing Official Oztag shorts or tights. Shorts are $25 and tights are $35, you can purchase them at the fields (cash only) or during your online sign up.

**Fill in players cannot be from a higher division. They must visit the admin desk prior to the game for a fill in approval slip. Fill in players are not permitted in Semi or Grand Finals. Team Captains must advise the Referee when using a fill in player, each fill in player will incur a 2 point deduction. If the fill in player does not already play in a team of the current season a $10 fee is payable per player, per game.