With Juniors being one of the primary focuses throughout QLD at the moment, venues throughout the Gold Coast region are being very proactive in their approach to game awareness and looking at exceeding expectations that have been placed on us. We conduct Oztag Clinics at both Primary and High schools throughout the coast. All development officers carry Blue Cards and have been involved in the game in either a playing or coordinating capacity as well as having played numerous other sports.

Primary School

The clinics themselves focus on the key aspects of Oztag which are the evasive skills such as the Hip swivel and the Spin while still using the core skills such as the step which may be used in other sports of a similar nature. Tagging is a major part of our game so tagging technique is also addressed.If time permits a modified game of Oztag is played to give students and teachers a snapshots of how the game is played. We cater for prep through to year 7 but if teachers would like to focus on any particular year we are happy to accommodate this.In conjunction with the clinics a Primary Schools challenge is held and is open to any schools across the coast. 

High School

Our High school program is geared towards game play with our Lunch Time Legends Program (Round Robin) at each school for Years 8 and 9. Winners will be crowned at each school and then a major winner for around the coast will be named.

Note: We are more than happy to assist teachers in class time if they use Oztag as part of their HPE unit. If you would like further information on any of the information above please contact one of your area coordinators

For further information and to secure dates for free clinics at your school, please do not hesitate to call Ray on 0404 030 244 or email Thank you