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Juniors Autumn Comp

Feb - Mar 2020 




U6s through to U10s - Round 1 - Mon 07 Sep 20 

U11s through to U15s - Round 1 - Wed 09 Sep 20

Sign up links will be ready soon :)  






Registration & full payment of $80 due Wed 29 Jan which is 1 week before Round 1

Additional payment of $11 annual/12 mth membership may also be due

Official Oztag shorts $25 / Tights $35 are additional and compulsory


Divisions available


Under 7-9's (2013-2011)

'Juniors Competitive' (2010-2006)




New Accounts - please enter the PLAYERS name and PLAYERS date of birth (not the parents)

Siblings - Each child needs their own separate log in/profile with their details


If your child is not already in a specific team

Please choose 'Place me on a team' & when prompted to enter any friends names say 'YES'

In the friends name box type their friends names (first & last name) that are also playing and we'll keep them together in the same team.

Or, if they don't know anyone playing type their school and their class eg. 'Arundel SS. 3B' into the 'friends name' box

We will group kids from the same school and class/grade into teams where possible :)





If you would like to use a Get Started Voucher please email it through to and we will register your child manually as you cannot sign up online with a voucher.

Please include their team or friends names in the email if applicable. 



Our next Juniors season kicks off Wed 05 Feb 2020 with U6s through to U15s on Wednesday afternoons. Divisions will be U6-7's, U8-9's, U10-12's, U13-15's. The season runs for 10 games in total. Our Juniors competition is held at the Cos Zantiotis Fields on Jacob Dr, Labrador (Just behind Hungry Jacks on Brisbane Rd, turn onto Jacob Dr from Olsen Ave). 

Games consist of 2 x 15 minute halves. Game times will be confirmed once team numbers are finalised however we expect the first games to start at approximately 4.15pm with the last game kicking off at 5.25pm. 

The seasons 10 games including a Super Saturday Round of 2-3 games (date TBA) for ALL teams. 

Semi and Grand Finals will be played for Under 10's and up. Presentations will be made on the last game for all players. Teams that do not make the finals will still play games and will still be a part of presentations and ALL players will receive a medal.

You can sign your child up as an individual and we will place them in a team in their age division, or you can sign your child up into a team they are already in with their friends, just look for their team name when prompted (the 1st person needs to create the team name). There are 8 players on the field at once so we suggest 11 players per team however you can have more if you wish. Teams can consist of any mixture of girls and boys or can be full girls or full boys teams. Teams are required to have at least 11 players. Teams that have less than 11 players registered 5 days out from kick off will be topped up to 11 with individually registered players or small groups.


We have Under 3's through to Under 15's. Under 3's - Under 5's are 'Tiny Taggers'. We run a fun session for them to learn the basics of Oztag. Please click here for more info on Tiny Taggers. 

Under 5/6's through to Under 9's are Non Competitive Divisions, this means that finals will not be played in these divisions and the games have a focus on FUN and LEARNING. Teams can consist of any mixture of girls and boys or can be full girls or full boys teams. Depending on team numbers we may need to merge some divisions.

Note - Tiny Taggers are available during the Summer season only

Tiny Taggers for Under 3's - 5's is here! For more info click here


You can sign up online anytime (click the 'Sign Up Now' button at the top of this web page), the cost is $85 per player and can be paid by Visa and MasterCard Debit or Credit cards. Get Started Vouchers should be emailed to (you cannot sign up online with a voucher)  



Full registration payment of $85 is required before the player can start playing. Their annual membership must also be current ($11 for players under 15, see 'Fees & Surcharges' tab for more info)

Get Started Vouchers cannot be used for payment of shorts or tights.
Scroll down for further 'Get Started' information.


All players must wear Official Oztag shorts or tights. If you need to order a pair, it is best to add them during your online sign up process. Shorts are $25 and tights are $35. Stock will also be available for purchase at the fields (cash only).

Pre-paid shorts and tights may be picked up at the fields before their first game. You do not need to present anything. We will swap sizes at the fields if needed.

Football boots without metal studs or runners/joggers can be worn.


Teams are required to have matching team shirts with numbers on the back by Round 2. Team shirts are organised by the team and can be as simple as K Mart t-shirts with iron on numbers  or numbers drawn in permanent marker. We can arrange a huge variety of team shirts for you from $15 including a number. Click here to view the options.
Teams put together by Labrador Oztag will have a shirt colour assigned to them. You may purchase a $15 cotton t-shirt including number from the admin desk (cash only) on Round 1 or, if you prefer you may purchase a shirt of the same colour in your own time. We will list details of team shirts with the team lists on the 'Junior Teams & Draw' tab once finalised.


YES we accept Get Started Vouchers 

Please email your copy to so we can register your child (you cannot sign up online with a voucher)


'Get Started' is a fantastic Government Funded program to assist children and young people join a sport. For more information click here 
Be quick, as vouchers are very popular and limited numbers are available!






If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email us

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