FAQ's (Juniors)
Q. How does my child join?
A. You can sign up online anytime via the 'Junior Sign On Info' tab or come down to our Sign On Afternoon, at our fields on Jacob Dr, Labrador. Details TBA.
Q. Can I enter a Team/Child before the Sign On Afternoon?
A. Yes, you can do this by signing up online. (Click on Junior Sign On Info tab) 
Q. How long does the season run for?
A. 12 games including a Super Saturday Round, Semi & Grand Finals for U10 teams and up. 
Q. When is Junior Oztag Played?
A. Sep – Nov (12 games) and Feb - Mar (10 games)  
Q. What day is Junior Oztag Played?
A. Monday U3-10 & Wednesday U11-15 afternoons Sep - Nov. Wednesday afternoons all divisions Feb - Mar. 
Q. How much does Junior Oztag Cost?
A. Registration fees are $85 per child for the Summer Sep - Nov Comp. $80 per child for the Autumn Feb - Mar Comp. Uniforms are additional but inexpensive.
Q. What gear does my child need to wear to play?
A. Every child needs to wear Official Oztag Shorts (cost $25) or Girls Tights (cost $35). Available at the admin desk or during the online sign up process. Players need to have matching team shirts with numbers by Round 2. Teams made up by Labrador Oztag of individual players will be advised what colour shirt to purchase. Joggers or football boots without metal studs can be worn.
Q. I have signed my child up to play Junior Oztag but don’t know what team he/she has been placed into?
A. We will post team lists under the 'Junior Teams & Draw' tab before Round 1  
Q. Where do we find if games will be cancelled due to weather?
A. We will post on our Facebook page, this website under the 'Wet Weather' tab and also send out a text message. We suggest you log in and check the players contact details at www.mysportsedge.com.au. Council update their field closures at 8am and 3pm. If we are required to cancel we will get the message out as quickly as possible. We will also catch up the game if possible.
Q. How long do the games go for?
A. Games run for 30 minutes (15 minutes halves)
Q. Am I able to register my child as an individual player?
A. Yes. Labrador Oztag will make up teams of individuals and small groups. Please ensure you enter any friends names that are also playing during the online sign up process and we will keep them together.
Q. Can I make sure that my child is placed into a team with their friend?
A. Yes as long as they are the same age or the younger child plays in the older division. Please ensure you have advised their friends names and that they have also signed up. We will do everything we can but in some cases it is not possible if the team is already full.
Q. What divisions are available for my child to play in?
A. Under 6's (born 2011) through to Under 15's (born 2002). Teams can be any mixture of girls and boys or full girl/boy teams. 
A. We also have 'Tiny Taggers' for Under 3's - 5's. Visit the Tiny Taggers tab for more info.
Q. My child wants to play with friends that are older can they do this?
A. We do not encourage this, however as long as the parents and the child are happy to do this, it is permitted. (Children cannot play down an age division)
Q. My child wants to play with a friend younger than them, can they do this?
A. A child cannot play down a division. If they really want to play together the younger child will need to play up an age division. We usually don't recommend this as it makes it harder on the younger child, however, if the parents and child are happy to do so, it is permitted. 
Q. Who & what is a Team Delegate?
A. A parent volunteer to be your team & our team contact. They help organise the team and pass on any relevant information concerning draws etc.
Q. Does Labrador Oztag provide Coaches?
A. Being a recreational after school sport, Oztag does not have coaches. We do however train our Referee's to assist teams to grasp the basics of the game and explain rules on the go. If you feel your team needs more guidance just come up and see Ray or Angie at the admin desk. 
Q. Will my child need to be graded?
A. Oztag does not grade teams or players. Oztag is a recreational sport designed for children to make up teams so that they can play with their friends. We have teams made up from school class friends, winter sport teams (Netball, Rugby league, Rugby Union, Soccer etc.) and from individuals/small groups signing up.
Q. Does my child need to attend training each week?
A. No training days are scheduled for players. The majority of team’s do not train at all. It is up to individual teams to arrange their own training days if they choose to do so.
Q. Do you have EFTPOS facilities?
A. No, it is cash only at the fields. You can pay by card online. 
Q. Do you have a canteen?
A. We have a food truck with hot food, chips, chocolates and drinks.
Q. Is there Representative pathways in Oztag?
A. Yes. There is an annual State Cup, Tri Series and Junior Nationals. Please visit the 'Rep Scene' tab for more information.
If you have a question that has not been answered on this page, please email us at labrador@oztag.com or call 0466 990 244 and we will be happy to answer it for you.

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